Packaging plants for shipping

There are different methods of  packing up plants for shipping, here is my favorite. It is simple and it seems to work quite well for me.  I get the toilet tissue cores from the local hospital.
MVC-718S.JPG (22603 bytes)
Here are the materials you will need.   Scissors, toilet tissue rolls  and masking tape
MVC-722S.jpg (37578 bytes) Folded up paper towelling  or even plastic cut in strips.   I prefer the towelling as it will soak up the extra moisture.
MVC-723S.JPG (22852 bytes) Gently lift the leaves and tuck the paper towelling under them, wrapping all around the top of the soil.
When the circle is complete rip off the remaining or just keep wrapping. 
MVC-725S.JPG (26316 bytes) Use some masking tape.  
Tape a strip of masking tape up over the top of the pot and down the other side. I do two strips one on each side of the plant. This stops any soil from spilling out.
MVC-719S.JPG (25952 bytes) Next slice the core open.
MVC-721S.JPG (28051 bytes) Open the core and place it around the pot use another strip of masking tape.
MVC-726S.JPG (23741 bytes)  I then wrap some more tape around both the cores, Letting the core spread like a funnel allowing more room for the leaves to spread out.
MVC-727S.JPG (19687 bytes) Here is the completed wrap.
MVC-728S.JPG (23565 bytes) This set up will take quite  a bit of bouncing around.
MVC-729S.JPG (25221 bytes) and keep the plant safe in any position.
Another easy method and it works quite well too if there are no concerns for the package over all weight, is to prepare as above with the paper towelling.  Then instead of using a tissue core lay the plant on it's side on a page of folded newspaper.  Wrap it right around the plant as the flower shops do with their cut flowers.  Use a  few sheets of the paper to make it firm enough to protect the plant.  You should be able to fit quite a few wrapped in this manner in a box with no fear of  crushing. 

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