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African Violets
Rachel's Reflections

WELCOME ........ 
This site is all about African violets.... caring for them,  starting, propagating,  hybridizing and growing them! Propagation with leaves, suckers, seeds are explained in layman's terms,  with the help of  detailed diagrams and pictures!  This should  be a great learning experience for the beginner grower.  I also have a mailing list that  can be joined from this page!  It will take you to a site with loads of information.  If you can not find your answers here or in the files there,  post to the list.  I have experienced show growers and hybridizers  there  to answer your every question.  So, go now and enjoy my site.   I would love to hear that you put it in your Favourites!

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Would you like to talk to others about African violets?
Ask questions? 
Give advise? Trade African violet leaves?  
AND last but not least play VR bingo for African violets?   
It's all here at my mailing list! Everyone is welcome to join! 
The list is dedicated to beginner growers 
with experienced members to answer their every question.

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 VioletReflections mailing list Learn how to keep your african violet plants safe while shipping.keep leaves safe while shipping soil can sour and when this happens you should act quickly or you can lose your african violetsoggy soil
24hr Bug treatment the smell of ammonia coming from the soil when you water your African violet means your plant is in trouble.leaching soil recipes,  but I have my favourite.soil
grand daughter sells African violets not lemonade!african violet stands Your plant is getting a long neck?  Chop it's head off!long neck problems   suckers are another way of propagation, just cut them off and re-root.suckers

You may borrow any of these tools.  It would be nice if you would leave some too.african violet tool box

Your african violet is growing a long neck?  Chop it's head off! long neck problems  (more) Here is an attempt to photograph a picture of a sucker,  and highlighting the area. "sucker"  picture
african violets like to be clean!bathe your african violets I fell in love all over affair  starting leaves my waystarting leaves
 Broken leaf?  Not a problem!broken leaf? you can grow babies faster, but you won't have as many.making babies faster watch us remove a sucker.sucker removal
Darn! what would this world be without bugs?  bugs and symptoms My other world,  a haven where it is always peaceful. my other world stem is gone, and there is not enough left to make one? Try this.wedges?
Put your babies on display!displaying the little ones With as many african violets as I have I should expect to see some funny things at times.natures tricks your african violets like warm water. to eat, drink, and bath or shower in.watering
Fertilizer every time you water!fertilizers african violets have very fine seeds.planting your seeds wicking is wonderful,  but I still like to water by hand.wicking 
I grow african violets and will soon not have enough room for my poodlesgrowing african violets Pot your plant up in size on a regular basis.potting african violet "sucker" My way of propagating chimera's and how keike grow makes a difference in how many babies I was able to glean with it.chimera propagation
humidity. african violets like it as much as you do.humidity  make a mold for your plants.potting up one size to another  
I will hybridize this year.  I am so anxious to start.hybridizing african violets rooting hormone again.rooting hormone  
Just because someone bragged about their violets don't run home and blindly do exactly what the other has done.  Sometimes it only brings headaches. If your violets are sick of course you must try something but if there are no problems why look for them?If it ain't broken,  don't fix it! Use rooting medium on suckers and tops of plants, not on leaves.rooting hormone (more)  
Jeff Smith so kindly gave his permission to post his notes on hybridizing here for you.Jeff Smith on hybridizing a great picture of an african violet seed pod.seedpod  
african violets can grow almost babies babies babies, it is hard not to keep them all.separating babies  

Janet (Stromburg) is the hybridizer who is responsible for the beautiful,

hardy" Allegro" african violets.   
She is a member of the VioletReflections mailing list and is very willing to share her knowledge. 
These are her wonderful pages.       
Janet's Low Tech method of starting african violet seeds.

Janet's page on keiki grow plus 

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